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Nio is a remedy for the hot Mediterranean summer weather. Nio is composed around hespridic Chypre bergamot of Calabria and freshly unopened green pods of citrus blossom, accentuated in flamboyant modern translation to build incredibly spine-shivering fresh mood. Nio is a remedy for hot Mediterranean summer weather. Intense and astringent citrus accord mingles with cardamom, pink pepper and luring jasmine who promises of a rich; however remote; ambery woody base. Beside transformation of citrus to ambery base, Haitian vetiver with its crisp green-ward floral-inclining odor embraces angular citrus accord. Hints of guaiac wood and earthy Indian patchouli appear in the dry down, yet, Nio is sturdy to maintain active fresh theme. 


Notes: Neroli, Calabrian bergamot, cardamom, nutmeg, pink pepper, green leaves, cedar, gaiac wood, Haitian vetiver, Indian patchouli, amber

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