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Sooud Since perfume is king of the Orient, Stéphane Humbert Lucas has created soOud to celebrate their heady scents by blending their olfactory exuberance with the refinement of french perfumery. Stéphane Humbert Lucas comes from a country where raindrops are not made of perfume. He does not come from Grasse, he was not born in a Bécher vase between two mass spectrum chromatographs. 
Painter synaesthete, Beaux-Arts Academy Paris, protégé of a Flemish master, he writes and sculpts aromas. In 1998 Stéphane Humbert Lucas asked an elderly perfumer, Henri Sorsana, to teach him his experience and his methods. He prefers that master-disciple relationship to the sterile disciplines of schools of theory. 
"I am like Rousseau with his naïve paintings, much less nomadic. I love to shut myself up in my studio creating beautiful things. In this way I am free to interpret the object described, to deform it without fear of compromise. Here then are my particular, hippy or anarchic creations".