Spirito Fiorentino

Size: 100ml / 3.4oz
Type: Extrait De Parfum

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Spirito Fiorentino captures the essence of Florence in a red ampoule the color of the magical moon and weaves its beneficial spell, bestowing fortune on those who understand and admire it. This perfume, like the Florentine Spirit, requires time to understand. Just as Florence does not disclose itself to everyone, only the chosen few, expert noses can fully enjoy this creation’s beauty.

Spirito Fiorentino opens with a graceful bouquet of flowers, purple lily and jasmine emerge embraced by the power of Italian saffron and the freshness of oranges. The top both rich and precious lies on an intense yet refined heart. Both the elegance of ylang ylang and the seductiveness of magnolia are emphasized by rare, aphrodisiac ambergris and embraced by the ethereal sweetness of lily of the valley. In the best Tuscan tradition, the entire creation is based on precious and unique woods. Together with precious sandalwood, we find birch and musk from the Terenzi Library and the strength of the Tuscan leather embraced by oak moss from the ever enchanted Appenines.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: lily, orange, jasmine, saffron

Heart: ylang ylang, magnolia, amber, lilly of the valley

Base: oakmoss, sandalwood, birchwood, Tuscan leather, musk, amber

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