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Moon Dance

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Just as the icy faade of the moon belies the solar warmth that powers its glow, Moon Dance, the luminous new floral chypre from Juliette Has A Gun's luxury collection, masks deep hidden warmth beneath its chillingly gorgeous exterior. Opening with a unique encounter between fruity bergamot, crisp violet and a rich, understated interpretation of Juliette's well-known jammy rose accord, Moon Dance takes a turn away from cold austerity with a judicious touch of rich, animalic musk that fuels a glowing heart beneath the chill. As the woody background emerges, the notes blend and fuse, reflecting the smoldering sensuality like the moon reflecting on the water on a late-summer evening. Seductive and magnetic, Moon Dance is a fragrance for those who always stay cool- but burn hot deep beneath the surface.

Notes: Bergamot essence, violet absolute, rose essence, tuberose absolute, patchouli essence, musk, animalis accord

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